The sun is the most important natural supplier of energy on earth

The solar power
is used efficiently

By using innovative concepts, the sun’s potential can be even more useful.
MSP Construction AG is therefore developing patented systems which, thanks to the arched shape of the building and the cladding with photovoltaic panels, use sunlight to effectively generate electrical energy during the day. The components that are built into the so-called solar domes are not movable – so they are not as susceptible and less costly than tracked PV components. The course of the sun is optimally absorbed by the unique construction and enables an even yield throughout the day.

MABEWO BLUE PLANET uses the modular MSP Construction AG systems, which can be expanded differently depending on the usage concept. For example, the Solar-Dome is ideal for accommodating indoor farming containers, temporary living space or storage rooms that are protected from the weather and supplied with electricity.

This efficient construction is modular and can be expanded, adapted or moved to another location as required.