Business model

MABEWO BLUE PLANET specializes in the development and application of technologies related to renewable energies. Together with committed partners, the company opens up new markets and project locations in order to have a lasting influence on the expansion of these technologies. The focus lies on the short distance between energy production/use as well as the reduction of CO2 and CH4 emissions.

MABEWO BLUE PLANET is an investment company. It participates directly or indirectly with a controlling majority in project companies in various countries in Europe and the CIS countries, including Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Russia. In its role, MABEWO BLUE PLANET supports you in project acquisition, especially in controlling, project assessment and comprehensive technological expertise in the field of renewable energies.

The project companies use innovative technologies to feed electricity from renewable energy sources into the grid. Electricity is usually fed in with subsidized and secured tariffs. The funding can relate to certain tariff levels and / or periods. The protection can relate to the amount, duration, currency, investment security or the political / regional / economic risk. MABEWO BLUE PLANET is a subsidiary of MABEWO AG. Please find further information about the MABEWO Group and its vision here.