Turning organic waste into valuable electricity

Preparation and sorting
of organic waste

An example for the input of a biogas plant

The biogas plant receives «raw materials» from commercial and agricultural waste or from household waste:

  • Organic fraction (leftover food, green waste, ..) – up to 40 percent by weight!
    » Biogas plant
  • Automatic and manual sorting
    » Sale of recycled material
    • Paper, carton
    • Iron, aluminum
    • PET, glass
  • Residues
    » Landfill
    • Textile, rubber, plastic
    • Composites, miscellaneous

Sorting and processing household or commercial waste for a biogas plant is a complex process. Experience in the planning and operation of such systems is essential here in order to obtain a stable gas yield and a usable final substrate. Contaminants can limit the usability of the final starter, e.g. as a fertilizer.

The preparation is a multi-stage process. The household or commercial waste is sieved, large foreign matter is removed automatically and manually. The main focus is on recycling materials, because metals and glass in particular can be sold as recyclable materials. Paper, cardboard and composite materials are also sorted out before the organic matter is crushed and mixed with water.